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Saltos Premium Leather Gaiters (Child)

In stock

For more than 15 years Just Chaps have been dedicated to providing riders with the widest range of Half Chaps. We are now proud to launch our range of Premium Leather Gaiters made from fine full-grain leather and cross-lined to prevent them going out of shape. The sturdy back zip and popper are seriously hard wearing and the elastic panels at the back allow enough stretch for a comfortable fit. 

We firmly believe that our Gaiters can do no wrong; with a great cut and fit and at a great price, these are another winner. Perfect for posh days out yet sturdy enough to cope with everyday wear.


 "Tried & Tested in Horse & Rider magazine "super stylish & comfortable...beautiful leather .... great value - 

For adult sizes, click here:


Sizing Guide

1. Measure the widest part of your calf for the calf size

2. Measure from the top of your calf to the floor (without boots) for the length.

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