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Saltos Gaiters in Premium Leather (Adult)

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We firmly believe that our SALTOS gaiters represent the best value on the market. Cut beautifully from fine grain leather and available in a wide range of sizes, they are rapidly becoming a leading brand.

See below for more info and sizing

Our premium leather SALTOS gaiters are made from fine full-grain leather and cross-lined to prevent them going out of shape. The sturdy back zip and popper are seriously hard wearing and the elastic panels at the back allow enough stretch for a comfortable fit. Available in a wide range of lengths and calf size.

At last - serious quality gaiters at a price that won't break the bank. 

Tried & Tested in Horse & Rider magazine: "super stylish & comfortable...beautiful leather .... great value "  

Where does the name Saltos come from ?

Saltos gaiters take their brand name from the Spanish word for show jumping. Whilst retaining all of the practical features that you would expect from the team at Just Chaps, such as being hard-wearing and easy to care for, our Saltos gaiters bring a touch of class and style with a classic Spanish top-line and beautifully tailored fit.


What size to order - Premium Leather Gaiters
Size Calf Length
Extra Small 34-36cm 41cm
Small 33-35cm 43cm
Small 1 35-37cm 43cm
Small 2 37-39cm 43cm
Small 3 39-41cm 43cm
Small 4 41-45cm 43cm
Small 5 43-47cm 43cm
Small 6 45-48cm 43cm
Medium 0 33-35cm 46cm
Medium 34-36cm 46cm
Medium 1 36-38cm 46cm
Medium 2 38-40cm 46cm
Medium 3 40-42cm 46cm
Medium 4 42-45cm 46cm
Medium 5 44-48cm 46cm
Medium 6 46-50cm 46cm

Sizing Guide

1. Measure the widest part of your calf for the calf size.

2. Measure from the top of the calf to the floor (without boots) for the length.

For child sizes, click here:

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