Just Chaps the Half Chaps specialist

Just Chaps. The Half Chaps Specialists.

Just Chaps. The Half Chaps Specialists.

For over 20 years, the team at Just Chaps have been concentrating on improving the riding experience of their customers. Continual experimentation with new leathers and fabrics, more sophisticated cuts and the latest technology in zips and fasteners has produced a range of half chaps to suit riders of all ages and size, to function in all weather conditions and to perform in all equestrian disciplines.

We understand that riders’ legs come in all shapes and sizes and have designed shaped cuts and stretch panels to allow a snug but comfortable fit. We have developed the widest range of lengths and calf widths – from our Dinky sizes for toddlers from 2 years old to our popular Medium Extra Wide and Small Extra Wide for larger calfs. We have also recently released a new sizing guide with simple instructions to make it easier for you to find the right size.

As well as differing shapes and sizes, we understand that different disciplines and weather conditions present different challenges and requirements and have developed a solution for every occasion:

  • For competition and more formal situations, our new Saltos leather half chaps offer the elegant look and feel of a classic gaiter combined with the comfort and ease of more simple side-zip half chaps.
  • For everyday hacking and schooling our original All Purpose neoprene half chaps are comfortable, hard wearing and washable.
  • For riding in the heat or longer distances, our Summer Cool faux suede and Super Cool air mesh are both perforated to allow your legs to breath, easy to wash and quick to dry.

At Just Chaps we are committed to continuous improvement and welcome feedback to enable us to provide the perfect look and fit for all riders and every occasion.