“My Endurance Chaps Made All the Difference!”

Jacqueline Macmillan shares her passion for Endurance with us:

I love my Welsh cob Brynfa Gwanwen, AKA Misty. Welsh born, bought from Crew in July 2017 and now residing in Perthshire, Scotland. I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter pony and have been surprisingly blown away by her performance in endurance riding. Having successfully completed several pleasure rides last year, this year has been our progression to competitive rides.

I’m a member of the Scottish Endurance Riding Club (SERC). We have taster rides (8-14km), pleasure rides (15km-29km) and competitive rides (30kms upwards).  SERC members ride longer distances using the thistle grading system, this starts at Bronze Level (up to 50k), progressing to Silver (60k) and Gold (80k) Series; beyond that are the Platinum (120k) and Diamond (160k) Awards.

Misty successfully completed two 30km rides to achieve 2 bronze qualifiers allowing us to enter a 50km class and hopefully achieve our Bronze Thistle Final.

Endurance chaps designed to make endurance riding more comfortable

Spending longer in the saddle (and stirrups!) however was causing me some discomfort and having previously ridden in long leather boots my feet were aching. I changed to short boots and bought some soft tread stirrups and a pair of red Endurance Chaps from Just Chaps. What a difference it’s made!

So, kitted out in red and black we entered our first 50km ride at SERC’s Seacliff ride in East Lothian on 16th June 2019…wow what a fabulous route! Taking four hours and 31 minutes to complete the 51 km route, we thankfully vetted successfully and achieved our Bronze Thistle Final Award.

Thank you Helen and the Just Chaps team for sending me the chaps so quickly, they’ve been machine washed and are packed in their case ready for our next venture.

Photo courtesy of Susie Allison