What is the difference between Half Chaps and Gaiters ?

What is the difference between Half Chaps and Gaiters ?

Views vary on this controversial issue – but here is our opinion.

Half chaps are just that. They are not full chaps, the original full length leg protectors worn by the cowboys of the Mexican scrubland (The Chapparal) – but because they only cover the lower half of the leg they are “Half Chaps”. Simples !

So in that sense, all gaiters are half chaps, but not all half chaps are gaiters.

But in practical terms, here are the main differences today:

  • Half chaps have the zip at the side and zip downwards from the knee – for ease of use, whereas gaiters have a hidden zip at the back and zip upwards from the ankle for the more formal look of a classic long boot.
  • Half chaps usually have elasticated panels at the side and/or ankle to allow for greater flexibility and comfort whereas gaiters just have a narrow elasticated strip at the back – again for a more formal look.
  • Half chaps tend to have a lower and flatter top line – whereas gaiters usually have a higher Spanish- cut top line.

So in summary, half chaps are designed more for function whereas gaiters are designed more for elegance.

All Purpose Half Chaps with a straight top & side zip.

Saltos Gaiters with the Spanish top-line and back zip.

New Generation Saltos Half Chaps with Spanish top-line & side zip.

But the team at Just Chaps just couldn’t leave it there – and have designed the next generation of riding leg wear that combines the functionality of half chaps with the elegance of gaiters.

Saltos New Generation half chaps have an elegant Spanish top line and a revolutionary disguised elasticated leather side panel to give the more formal look of gaiters, but at the same time have a side zip and added flexibility for greater comfort and ease of putting on.