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All Purpose Half Chaps in Neoprene (Adult)

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Our All Purpose half chaps are made from neoprene for maximum comfort and a fantastic fit,  perfect for all equestrian uses. We love them because they're also hardwearing, lightweight and machine washable - the most practical option for everyday riding

See below for more info and sizing


In 2003 Just Chaps designed the first neoprene Half Chaps for Endurance riders needing tough chaps that fit snugly. These have evolved into our popular All Purpose range.The neoprene front panel and elasticated back panel combine to produce chaps that are both comfortable and fit well to the contours of the calf and ankle. The knee strap has an adjustable velcro fastener for flexibility of fit and the ankle strap is fastened with a strong metal popper to ensure that the sturdy YKK zip will not ride up.

Neoprene Half Chaps can be machine washed on a cool cycle with zips and Velcro fastened. Dry away from direct heat. 

Why neoprene ?

Just Chaps took the inspiration for their original neoprene half-chaps from the surfers of Cornwall where the company was founded. They asked themselves how could surfers stay warm in an icy sea whilst horse-riders froze ashore ? The answer of course was in the insulating properties of  their neoprene wetsuits. 

They soon realised that neoprene also offered more amazing benefits to riders:

  • Lightweight, super-soft and flexible allowing for a tighter, more comfortable fit
  • Hard-wearing and long-lasting stretch
  • Waterproof
  • Machine –washable

Neoprene really is the answer !



Sizing Guide

1. Measure the widest part of your calf for the calf size.

2. Measure from the top of the calf to the ankle bone (inside leg)

3. Add on 6cm for adults. This is the length to use onn the sizing table below.

What size to order - Half Chaps Adult
Size Calf Length
Extra Small 33-37cm 36cm
Small 33-37cm 38cm
Small Wide 35-40cm 38cm
Small X-Wide 37-42cm 38cm
Medium 35-40cm 40cm
Medium Tall 35-40cm 44cm
Medium Wide 40-44cm 40cm
Medium X-Wide 44-48cm 40cm
Large 37-42cm 42cm
Extra Large 39-44cm 44cm
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