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Official Pony Club Waterproof Dri Riders (Child)

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Pony Club Dri Riders are an essential piece of kit and versatile enough to be used all year round. Perfect for keeping you clean and dry in and out of the saddle. Great at shows - take them off just before entering the ring; for Pony Camp and all your pony days out. 

Waterproof and breathable. Available in Navy with reflective piping in all Child Sizes. 

For technical blurb and sizing chart see below.

For larger sizes, try the Adult sizes.


Dri Riders are made from a high density nylon outer layer with an internal impermeable membrane so there's no need to reproof. All seams are taped. The lining is a fine mesh to wick away any moisture. 

Legs are fastened with chunky full length zips on the outside of the leg. To prevent "ride up" there's a Velcro-fastenend ankle strap and detachable, adjustable stirrup straps. The waistband has an adjustable belt at the front and is elasticated at the back for extra comfort and a flexible fit.

What makes Dri-Riders waterproof ?

Our Dri-Rider full chaps feature the latest water-proofing technology originally developed for the world of competitive motorbike racing. The secret is in the Reissa membrane that lies between the tough nylon shell and the soft mesh lining. This microporous membrane has pores that are too small to let any water droplets in but at the same big enough to allow water vapour to escape. In this way they keep you dry but also breath to prevent moisture building up inside. 

Pony Club Child Dri Riders are available in a range of sizes sizes (below) and also Adult small and medium.. For larger sizes, see the Just Chaps Dri Riders

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