Which Riding Chaps will fit over Chunky Boots?

Find the perfect riding chaps to fit over your chunky boots

Riders regularly ask our team which riding chaps will fit over a chunkier riding boot. Just Chaps can offer several options that work with this footwear, giving riders lots of choice with colour, style and size. Here’s how we have arrived where we are today:


Half Chaps are designed to fit over larger boots

When the Half Chaps design was originally thought through, careful consideration was given to the shape and functionality of each section – and the area around the ankle was designed with particular care.¬†We mustn’t forget that Just Chaps’ products were originally designed for Endurance and TREC riders, who tend not to wear traditional jodhpur boots but a more comfortable and probably chunkier boot. The area around the ankle needed to accommodate this and explains the clever use of a concertina panel at the back and at the “toe” of the chaps. Take a look at our Endurance Half Chaps which are made entirely of neoprene, a super stretchy and comfortable textile. Both the use of neoprene and the concertina panel allow a greater flexibility of fit so that the half chaps can be worn easily over a traditional jodhpur boot or stretched over a chunkier boot, such as the Ariat Telluride.

Here are a few design choices for riders

All Purpose – all-time best selling Half Chaps that fit well and look great. Available in black and brown and in all sizes from Age 2 to Adult Extra Wide.

Classic Leather – another winner – the same design as the All Purpose but made from traditional, soft leather. Perfect for posh days out, yet durable enough for every day wear. All sizes.

Classic Suede – traditional and hard wearing. Adult sizes.

Cool & Air Mesh – clever use a textiles that let your legs breathe. Perforated Half Chaps for Summer riding, riding holidays or long hours in the saddle.


As we have shown, the vast majority of Just Chaps Half Chaps will easily fit over Chunky Boots but if you have any questions, please call our expert, friendly team on 01730 825797, or email info@justchaps.com. We look forward to meeting you!