What are the benefits of riding chaps?

Just Chaps have been designing Riding Chaps since 2003 and have become the specialist in providing riders with the widest selection of both Half Chaps and Full Chaps. Customers regularly ask, “what are the benefits of riding chaps?”. Here are a few of the ways in which wearing riding chaps is helpful:

Protection from the weather

Wearing Full Chaps for riding – and even for mucking out and yard work – protects the rider from the cold, wind and wet. Wearing waterproof full chaps should allow riders to spend more time riding. If you are comfortable when spending time outdoors, even when the weather is bad, the rider can spend more time doing what they love most.

Protection when hacking

If you spend time out hacking with your horse you will understand that from time to time your legs can get scratched by thorns, brambles and the like. Also most riders have at some stage or another had their leg bumped against a gate post or tree. Wearing riding chaps can help protect your legs from this type of scrape. Suede Full Chaps will offer most protection here, but any Half Chaps will help.

Protection from pinching

The most obvious benefit of wearing riding chaps is to stop the stirrup straps from pinching your lower leg. We all know how sore this can be! Wearing a well fitting pair of half chaps will prevent this. Well-fitting here is key. Half Chaps that are loose will twist when riding, be uncomfortable and cause more problems. Chaps that are too tight will be uncomfortable too. We recommend that your Half Chaps be a good snug fit, to hug the lower leg so as not to twist while riding.  Take a look at our Sizing Guide and do contact our expert, friendly team if you’re unsure of your size.

Keeping you Clean

Wearing full chaps for riding, mucking out or preparing for shows will help to keep you much cleaner. We all know how tricky it can be to stay even vaguely clean when around horses, full chaps will help a lot here with all your horse activities.

Easier to Fit

Many riders choose Half Chaps or Gaiters over Tall Boots as it is generally easier to find a good fitting item. As we all know, riders legs come in all shapes and sizes and, more often than not, it is easier to find a well fitting pair of Half Chaps or Gaiters, especially if the rider does not want to pay a high price.


Half Chaps gives the rider many style options…the rider can opt for a traditional look with Suede Half Chaps. A smart competition look with Saltos Gaiters, All Purpose Neoprene is the perfect everyday great fitting, great looking option. For a bit of fun, there are lots of coloured half chaps with added motifs.


If you feel your riding would benefit from a pair of Riding Chaps then the next question to ask is  “Do I need Full Chaps or Half Chaps?”  Full Chaps will essentially offer you more protection from the weather and environment, whereas Half Chaps protect the lower leg from pinching by the stirrup strap and are an inexpensive option for the rider. For more information, check out this topic in our recent post Do I need Full Chaps or Half Chaps? Or contact our expert, friendly team.