Do I Need Full Chaps or Half Chaps?

Just Chaps have been designing Riding Chaps since 2003 and have become the specialist in providing riders with the widest selection of both Half Chaps and Full Chaps. The question, “Do I need full chaps or half chaps?” is regularly asked by customers. Largely this is a personal choice but the first question we need to answer is “Why do I need to wear Riding Chaps?” In a nutshell this is to prevent the stirrup straps from pinching the lower leg while riding. Then we can answer the question “Do I need Full Chaps or Half Chaps?” Let’s explore both options.

Full Chaps

Full Chaps cover the whole length of the leg. Here at Just Chaps we have an extensive range of Full Chaps. Just Chaps Dri Rider Full Chaps are largely worn to keep you warm, dry and clean. Waterproof and lightweight,  they can be worn all year round whether you’re mucking out or riding out. They will also help to prevent pinching of the lower leg caused by stirrup straps but most riders will also wear Half Chaps or Tall Boots underneath. Dri Riders are available from Age 6 to Adult XL and to ensure the best fit, all adult sizes are available in 2 leg lengths.  The more traditional Suede Full Chaps, originally worn by cowboys of the High Chaparal in New Mexico, gives protection, warmth and durability and yet at the same time is also soft and amazingly comfortable. Suede Full Chaps are still a favourite today.

Half Chaps

Half Chaps cover and protect the lower half of the leg when riding. They protect the inner lower leg from pinching of the stirrup strap and provide a flexible, inexpensive solution to all riders. Half Chaps can be made from Leather, Suede or man-made neoprene. Just Chaps have a wide range of sizes to fit almost everyone and we pride ourselves on developing a range that not only look great but feel great too. Getting the right size is important. Take a look at our sizing guide video or visit our website for further help.

Now that you know the differences between the two options, you can browse our range of Full Chaps and Half Chaps and decide which option makes the most sense for your needs and budget. If you still can’t decide, talk to our friendly team, who will be able to give you some advice on which to try.