How to measure for riding chaps?

How to Measure for Riding Chaps

What size riding chaps are right for you? How to measure for riding chaps? These are  frequently asked questions. Don’t worry….. we are here to help.  And with 14 Half Chaps sizes and up to 12 sizes of Full Chaps, the decision can be a little daunting.

To measure for riding chaps the first think you’ll need is a tape measure. Some people try string and a ruler – which I guess does the same job. Once you have found a way of measuring yourself please take a look at our sizing guide:

  Child Sizing Guide

Adult Sizing Guide

Or follow our video here:

If you’re still unsure of how to measure for riding chaps or would like to chat through any options, please call us on 01730 825797.

We would always advise that Half Chaps fit as snug as possible to prevent any twisting while riding.  Please note that Suede Half Chaps and Leather Half Chaps will “give” with wear and this should be taken into account. Half Chaps made from Faux Suede will not give with time. Our neoprene Half Chaps are super stretchy and comfortable and offer the most stretch.