the benefits of horse riding

What are the Benefits of Horse Riding?

Horse riding is a skill that requires both physical and mental activity. Anyone who thinks that “the horse does all the work” has probably never sat on a horse! The benefits of horse riding are many – and each rider will have their own experiences and reasons for riding.


We all know just how important it is for us to take exercise and horse riding is a great way for us to exercise our body and mind. Horse riding develops balance and coordination. Your core strength and posture also improve. Muscles are strengthened and reflex reaction is accelerated. The cardiovascular system is boosted, helping to improve blood circulation. Riding a horse at walk uses 5 calories per minute and by increasing the speed of the ride more calories are burned as the intensity of the workout builds.  And the physical workout doesn’t stop when you get off your horse – as anyone involved with horses will tell you – looking after the animal is hugely physical too. Mucking out, grooming, sweeping, dealing with hay and bags of feed is another physical workout.


Horse riding brings many challenges. In the early days just staying on and steering is enough of a challenge. With practice great improvements will be made. Even the most experienced of riders will agree that their hobby offers a lifetime of learning. Whatever level you are at with your riding there will be challenges and concerns. Riders are not quitters!  Tenacity and patience are required to build confidence. Horse riders of all levels, will agree that they gain huge amounts of enjoyment from their hobby. Being out in the open countryside with your horse brings happiness and sometimes excitement! Many riders enjoy the solitude of just being with their horse. Others love group trail riding or team competition.

Riding can be seen as the perfect activity for keeping both your body and mind exercised. Anyone who has spent time on a horse cannot disagree with what joy it can bring. As Winston Churchill said “no hour of time is wasted that is spent in the saddle”.

If you’re thinking about starting horse riding but are unsure where to begin, get in touch with our team today and we can point you in the right direction.