Kelsey Eliot prepares for “the behemoth that is the Mongol Derby”.

Kelsey Eliot tells us how she is preparing for the Mongol Derby:

I have been riding twice a day for the past month on any horse I can get my hands on; the more variety can I get, the better. I intend to increase the amount of ride time as the weather improves. I also purchased a pony with an attitude problem to work with. His feisty attitude is a good warm-up for the feral ponies I will meet in Mongolia.

I’m spoiled to have a great relationship with a wonderful endurance and trail riding barn in my area, and they are helping to coach me, give me lessons, and set me up with horses to ride.

And of course, the gear is a huge undertaking to prepare for. I’ll be wearing this stuff for 1,000 km! It needs to be able to stand up to abuse and be as comfortable as possible. I’ve been researching dozens of brands of riding tights, shirts, hydration packs, and half chaps. Just Chaps stood out to me immediately—three-time Mongol Derby rider Devan Horn rides in a pair of the endurance neoprene half chaps. They’re the obvious choice for the derby.

Hopefully I am going about this the right way and I’m prepping for success on this grand adventure! Stay tuned as I prepare to tackle the behemoth that is the Mongol Derby.