How Young Can You Start Horse Riding?

How young can you start horse riding?

You are never too old to start to riding, but like with a lot of sports, the younger you start the better!  The precise age might depend on how well the child can take instruction and how well coordinated they are.

Above anything else the jockey needs to be safe, so the right pony or horse and right equipment is paramount.  The British Horse Society provide excellent guidelines on riding hats and helmets as well as body protectors, so do take time to get correctly-fitting safety equipment.

If you are inexperienced, make sure that you have a British Horse Society qualified instructor, who will be able to give advice on the suitability of your pony or horse.

Younger children are very adept at learning to ride but will lack the physical strength needed, so it is very important to be aware of this and mount your child accordingly and keep them on the lead for as long as needed.  Even many adults are challenged by learning a new skill and how quickly you learn to ride is dependent on confidence, calmness, athletic ability and of course what level you want to ride at.  However, if you aim for weekly lessons you should notice your progress very quickly.

To get the very most out of learning to ride, you need to spend time with your horse, so learning to look after him, groom and tack up are also an important part of the journey.  Spending time with your horse is a great way to de-stress so make the most of learning general horsemanship.

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