Saltos Premium Leather Gaiters by Just Chaps

How to clean and care for leather half-chaps and gaiters

Like all natural products, leather needs regular care and cleaning to keep it supple and stop it cracking or splitting. Newly cleaned leather also feels and smells great!

Here are a few tips from Just Chaps on how to clean your leather gaiters and half chaps, keep them looking great and prolong their life.

  • For gaiters and half chaps that are just dusty and a bit scuffed, brush with a soft dry brush and apply a leather conditioner.
  • For more seriously dirty products you will need some warm water, a soft brush, a cloth and some leather conditioner
  • Firstly, remove mud with the soft brush and warm water (but go easy – do not soak them)
  • You can use saddle soap – but avoid detergents
  • You may need to dip the elastic heel strap in the water to remove stubborn mud
  • Wipe off excess water and the last of the mud with a cloth and leave to dry gently at room temperature
  • When almost dry, apply a leather conditioner (Renapur is our favourite – free plug!)

For more info about our range and product care visit our gaiters page or our half chaps page or call us on 01730 825979