What Are the Different Types of Leather We Use?

At Just Chaps we use three different types of leather in the manufacture of our half-chaps, gaiters and full chaps to deliver different properties and performance to each.

Types of leather

Full Grain Leather

Full Grain Leather is the hardest-wearing leather that includes the very top layer of the hide that evolved to protect the animal from the elements and injury. We use this in all our leather half-chaps.

Aniline Leather

The very best full-grain leather can be further strengthened into Aniline Leather through secondary treatment with tanning agents that still preserve the beautiful natural grain of the leather and which we use in our premium Saltos Gaiters.

Suede Leather

Our Suede Leather full chaps use the softer and more flexible internal layer of the hide to give maximum comfort and flexibility.

Caring for Leather

To care for and clean Full Grain and Analine leather we recommend that you dry the items first and then brush off loose mud with a soft brush before wiping with a damp cloth and saddle soap and allowing to dry again. Then apply quality leather conditioning oil.

With Suede, you can use a stiffer brush – even copper wire – to remove dry mud and to restore the natural nap.