How to Choose Endurance Riding Chaps – an Expert’s Guide

How to Choose Endurance Riding Chaps – an Expert’s Guide


If comfort is one of the key features when choosing chaps for Endurance, the other has to be durability. Choosing the right riding chaps for Endurance is an important decision for any rider and here at Just Chaps we believe that we can offer the perfect riding chaps that combine comfort with durability.  Since 2003 Just Chaps has concentrated on selecting textiles that are at the same time durable and flexible. The result is a winning combination of riding chaps that are great fitting and long lasting.


For several years Just Chaps has developed close links with SERC, the Scottish Endurance Riding Club; WET, Welsh Endurance Team and the England Endurance Team, whose team members are offered a wide range of Endurance Riding Chaps.  The most popular and original is Endurance  but riders are also encouraged to consider Super Cool Air Mesh and Cool both of which are designed to let the legs breathe and heat escape.

Badminton Horse Trials is the perfect venue to try on several Endurance Riding Chaps. “How do I choose riding chaps for Endurance?” – a question we are frequently asked and this time by Paul Richards – who was losing weight by the day during his tough training schedule for The Mongol Derby – and needed to get his kit right. The Mongol Derby is the longest and toughest horse race in the world. “Are Just Chaps riding chaps up to the challenge?” Paul wore Just Chaps National Team half chaps (see his photo below) and was thrilled with their performance as there were no problems with rubbing or chafing at all. Paul was thrilled and so were we. Just Chaps also kitted out Sally Toye for this Endurance marathon. Sally was the first British woman over the finishing line and wears Super Cool Air Mesh, see the photo below.

Just Chaps Endurance Riding Chaps Mongol Derby

Sally Toye and Paul Richards wearing Just Chaps Endurance Half Chaps at the Mongol Derby

Endurance riding chaps worn by Scottish Endurance

The SERC team wearing Just Chaps National Team riding chaps at Barbury Castle