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Toddler Half Chaps

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Just Chaps have been designing riding chaps since 2003 and have become the specialist providing children of all ages, shapes and sizes with the widest selection of Half Chaps and Full Chaps.

Why do young children and toddlers need Half Chaps?

It is possible to gain bruises on the lower leg from the stirrup straps while riding. Wearing Half Chaps will make your child less likely to become bruised. They are also inexpensive from of protection, can be cleaned easily and are compatible with many boots.

What are half chaps made from and what sizes are there?

Our toddler or dinky range of Half Chaps come in 2 sizes; DD for age 18 – 24 months and CSS for age 3-4 years. All of the toddler range are made from soft and stretchy neoprene, which won’t dig into little legs. All are washable and super cute and available in black, brown, blue and hot pink.

Why buy your toddler’s Half Chaps from Just Chaps?

Because we provide more sizes in our shop, in order to fit more people. We also offer great customer service, so if you have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!