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Classic Half Chaps in Leather (Child)

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Elegantly cut Classic Leather Half Chaps made from traditional soft leather making them perfect for posh days out yet durable enough for everyday wear. Great fitting, smart and easy-care; a firm favourite. Available in Black or Brown and in all sizes.

Size chart below. 

Our Classic Leather half chaps  are a firm favourite with riders of all disciplines. The soft leather front panel and elasticated back panel combine to produce chaps that are comfortable but have sufficient structure to give good support. The knee strap has an adjustable velcro fastener for additional fit and comfort and the ankle strap is fastened with a strong metal popper to ensure that the sturdy YKK zip will not ride up.

Where does the name “Chaps” come from ?

The English word “Chaps” is an abbreviation of the Spanish word “Chappareros” which was the name given to the tough leather leggings worn by cowboys and farmers on the “Chapparal” in the wild west -  tough, cactus-strewn grasslands on the American/Mexican border. Older readers may remember this also as the name of the ranch in the iconic 60’s Western TV series: "The High Chapparal" set in New Mexico. 

 Check the size for children of all ages below. 

What size to order - Half Chaps
Size Calf Length
Dinky Dinky Approx Age 2 Approx Age 2
Child Super Small Approx Age 4 Approx Age 4
Child Extra Small 23-26cm 27cm
Child Small 26-30cm 32cm
Child Medium 28-33cm 36cm
Child Large 30-35cm 38cm
Child Tall 30-35cm 41cm
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